72 Hours : New York, New York

72 Hours: What to do, Where to go, What to eat

New York, New York

Okay. You did it. You took the chance on that JetBlue flash sale and booked a $100 flight to New York for three days. Now what? Don’t worry, that’s where I come in. Let’s take a look at  what you can do with a quick little trip to the Big Apple and how much you can cram in in just 72 hours (WAY more time than you think)


First, find a place to stay and identify your home base. Midtown, SOHO, Chelsea. Find where you want to rest your head and night and reset during the day if you need to. Once you’ve identified your hotel/airbnb/sleep spot, the fun begins. 


Day One: 

Land, get to your spot and drop off your bags. One of my favorite first spots in the city to start a trip is Chelsea Market. Chelsea Market is the perfect launching pad for your trip. With loads of shops, restaurants, food and drinks, you really can’t go wrong. My top go-to: Los Tacos No.1. Hands down the BEST tacos and 1000% worth the wait. Traveling with a pal? Divide and conquer. One person get in line for tacos, the other take a few steps down the market and hit up The Filling Station to grab a little midday beverage. Grab a mason jar craft beer and meet back up for some tacos and a little midday bevy. 

After you’ve had just enough of the tacos (try not to over eat!), spend an hour or so walking the market. [Pro Tip: Posman Books bookstore is my favorite spot to stock up on cards; they have the best and most unique cards. Obsessed.] Once you’ve walked, (shopped if you’re me), and explored, head outside and up. Hope you packed your walking shoes.

Walk the High Line. The High Line is one of New York’s many public parks, set atop an elevated freight rail. This is the perfect spot to take a stroll, stretch your legs and take a selfie or three. 

Once you’ve seen the High Line, my gut says it’s time to shop. Hop on the subway, get off at Bleeker Street and walk/shop SoHo. You won’t be sorry, but your wallet may hate me. After a few hours of strolling, window shopping, actually shopping, give yourself a little reset and head back to your hotel/where you’re staying. New York is home to some fabulous restaurants, so take your time leading up to the trip and pick out where you want to eat for night one. 

In the mood for something a little unique? Keep the Greenwich/West Village vibes alive and hit up Fish Cheeks for some delicious Thai food. Get some din, always at  least look at the dessert menu, then rest up. Day two will pack it all in. 

Day Two: 

Let’s see how much iconic New York we can pack in for you.

Start your day with a New York City bagel. And a coffee. The coffee is important, we’ll have more than one today. First up, bagel from Ess-A Bagel. [Pro Tip: Order online and pick it up, avoid the line!]. Once we’ve had breakfast, time for a quick stroll through midtown. Let’s see the stores of Fifth Ave and head North, up to Central Park. Take a little stroll, and if you’re feeling exceptionally adventurous, you can cross the park and head West. To 74th Street and my favorite cookie stop, Levain Bakery. Try to buy just one. Go ahead. Try. [I never leave with just one]

From the UWS, hope that subway, or an uber, back toward midtown. Walk through Times Square, take a selfie or two where the ball drops and let’s grab an early lunch. My spot of choice? Don Antonio on 50th for pizza. This is the perfect Napoleon pizza stop before we take the most sedentary part of the trip. Until you fly home. 

Matinee time on Broadway! 

Plan ahead, or wing it. Find a show that interests you and do a 2:00 matinee. Gives your feet a break and you’ll have knocked off a Broadway show off the bucket list. 

Two hours later, walk back East. Swing into Rockefeller Center for two things: that second coffee of the day and your Top of the Rock tickets. Once you’ve snagged your tickets to come back later tonight, head into the plaza and visit Ralph’s coffee truck. Try the espresso tonic and thank me later. Take a few selfies, maybe consider ice skating if you’re their in the winter and the line isn’t insane. [Pro Tip: Dead set on ice skating? Go to Central Park or the rink around the corner at Bryant Park. Significantly less crowded.]

Now’s a great time to take another look at the stores and take a walk toward the Flatiron Building and see ANOTHER park, Madison Square Park. Home of the OG Shake Shack. And Eataly. Swoon. 

Once you’ve explored the Flatiron area, maybe ran into a few of the surrounding shops, it’s time to head back to your landing spot and change for dinner and your evening. I’ll leave it to you to decide what you want to eat, but make sure you find somewhere delicious and not a chain restaurant (aka avoid Times Square dining), while maybe having a small caffeinated drink at  the end of dinner. 

Post-din: It’s time for Top of the Rock. Top of the Rock is back in Midtown, at  Rockefeller Center, where you will have the best views of the city. Take your camera (or your phone) and be prepared to be amazed by the city skyline. This is best at  night, and you won’t be disappointed.

Not exhausted after all that? Maybe consider a late night drink to top off your evening, then it’s ready for some shut eye to get ready for that final sprint. 

Day Three: 

Let’s start today with a pastry. Maybe Maison Kayser for an almond croissant at  one of their many locations. Once you’ve had a snack, hope on the subway and head south. You have two options: 

1-walk the Brooklyn Bride and explore Brooklyn, Dumbo and maybe that side of town 


2-subway to lower Manhattan, check out the 9/11 Memorial, One World Trade, and the Financial District

Whatever you choose, I recommend a little stop at  Frank Restaurant for lunch. Cash only and it’s delicious, so wait until you’ve worked up a good appetite.

On day three, I always leave a little window in the itinerary for whatever comes up. My ideal type of spontaneity: PLANNED. Maybe check out that bar you heard about at dinner, or a store you wanted to revisit. Bad weather? Take in a museum. 

Spend a few hours during your planned spontaneity on whatever suits you. It’s different for everyone. 

The Last Supper: I always like to end a trip to New York with a dinner I cannot get at home. Some of my favorites? Momofuku (all of them) [Pro Tip: Noodle Bar at Columbus Circle has the shortest of wait times typically], Mission Chinese, Via Carota, Tacombi (multiple locations, heavenly), Supper, Lil Frankie’s, Murray’s Cheese Bar, Ippudo, La Pecora Bianca . . . and the list goes on. 

Want me to help make a truly detailed itinerary or give you more insight? I could talk New York for hours. Shoot me a message, let’s chat