Espresso Tonic

Most everyone starts their day with a cup of coffee, it’s just a part of life. That first cup of coffee in the morning is the kickstart I personally enjoy to get my day going and tackle the to-do list. Ask someone how they take their coffee and you’ve essentially started a twenty minute conversation, especially if you’re in a group of people.

My cup of coffee has changed, evolved, simplified and become more complex over the years. In my college years, pile on that sugary coffee creamer (those flavors that now sound like a stomach ache in the making). Over time, I’ve found that I prefer a more subdued flavor, if at all, to that coffee creamer and it’s best if it’s a mild flavor (hazelnut, cinnamon, the slightest *hint* of vanilla).

Currently in my coffee nook? Tonic water and oranges.

That’s right. Tonic water. I’m going to let you in on my new coffee obsession thanks to a great coffee spot in New York. Ralph’s.

Meet your new friend, the espresso tonic.

My adaptation of a drink I get at Ralph’s in New York, that’s refreshing and delightful and is creamer/dairy free 😉

Needs: Coffee, Tonic Water, Ice, Water, Oranges.

Making an espresso tonic is an easy way to make a coffeeshop worthy drink right in your kitchen. Add in some cute backsplash on your walls, a reusable straw with a fun cup and you’re practically a barista (entry-level at least).

Make a shot of coffee in your preferred coffee maker. I have the Keurig K-Cafe with the latte/cappuccino option, so my maker gives the option to make a shot of strong coffee. If you don’t have that option, try to make a strong 3 oz pour of your preferred black coffee.

Once you’ve got your coffee, I like to place mine directly into the refrigerator for about 2-4 minutes to give it a little cool down shock.

After those few minutes in the fridge, grab a tall glass and fill with ice, try to fill it about 1/3 of the way full. Next, add about 4-6 oz of the tonic water. Pour the coffee over your tonic/ice. Finally, add two fresh orange slices to the glass. Insert your reusable straw, give it a twirl and enjoy.

Pro Tip: If you own an espresso machine (DREAM for me), obviously make a shot of espresso. This is my espresso tonic on a budget style until I have a lovely, gorgeous Italian espresso machine on my kitchen counter 😉

Let me know what you think!