Home Selling 101

Thinking of selling your home? I can help.

Buying and selling your home can easily be one of the most stressful experiences to go through if you don’t have the right support system (and a knowledgeable and supportive Realtor by your side 😉 ). Here are a few tips to get you started on the right track of selling your home. Look these over, make a list of questions, then let me know what I can do (aka list your home) to help! 

Happy Selling! (Because it should be happy and not stressful). 

  1. Crunch. The. Numbers: This is crucial. What did you pay for your home? The first step in determining if you should sell your house, in my opinion, is to run the numbers. You don’t want to get into a sale of your home if it’s not the right time financially for you. What can you put as a down payment on your next property? How much do you owe on the mortgage still? Are you familiar with the costs of selling your home (Realtor commissions, repairs, inspections, closing costs). All of these add up, and if you aren’t mindful, you could be investing much more money than you thought initially. 
  2. Find your Realtor: This is crucial. (Ahem. Call me. Ha ha) You want to find someone who FIRST has your best interest at heart. The sale of your home is about bettering you and your family and taking your life to the next step. You need a Realtor who will answer your calls/texts, get your questions answered and most importantly one who will go to bat for you. You need to know that while you aren’t doing the negotiating, your Realtor is focused on making your sale as smooth, successful and profitable as possible.
  3. Get that house inspected: A pre-listing inspection is one of the best things you can do as sellers when selling your home. This will let you as the seller know of any concerns (major/minor) prior to a buyer’s home inspection, allowing you to make repairs and adjust your sales price accordingly. 
  4. De-clutter: Are you going to be living in your home while it’s listed for sale (very common)? If so, do a little mini purge so that your house is tidy and ready for it’s new. If you’re about selling your home, think back to when you purchased it—what did it look like, what did you appreciate about the homes you saw? Selling your house is like opening a one-item boutique; you need to curate your home for the perfect buyer. 
  5. Prep to List: This is the meat of the home selling process, and honestly this is where you’ll rely on your Realtor the most. Your Realtor will jump in and help to prepare your home for photos, stage it if necessary and get it ready to hit the MLS. This process can be as quick or as detailed it needs to be, depending on the nature of your home. Once it’s staged, photos are done and back to your Realtor, it’s go time. 
  6. List it: This is again all your Realtor. Your Realtor will list, market and go. to. work. Now is when the marketing, open houses, showings and offers come rolling in! 


Selling your home can be so much more involved than this, but really, this is just the basics and bare bones of what it takes, and what it is like to sell your home. Read it over, make your list of questions and then let me know when you’re ready!